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About Us

Husband and wife team with a passion for storytelling, cinematography, and romance. 

Established in 2020, our approach has always been that of organic and raw. We love highlighting the simple things in life; warm touches, laughter, looking into the eyes of someone you love. All of these and more are the moments we hold dear in our films.

Owners Tyler and Tiffany at a lake
Owners Tyler and Tiffany at a park
Videographers Tyler and Tiffany working at a wedding
Couples photos of Tyler and Tiffany
Wedding photo of Tyler and Tiffany walking down the isle

Our Story

Our relationship first began back in senior year of high school. We both went to rival schools but managed to find each other while working together. Our life experiences and similar interests clicked immediately and we have been together ever since.  

After six years of dating we both decided it was time to officially start our lives together and tie the knot in September of 2022. We have since gone on to purchase our first home together in Lexington, KY in the fall of 2023. Our current plans are to continue traveling and planting our roots. 

Engagement photo
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